We Accompany You on the Innovation Track

Innotrack Intellectual Property Law Firm (hereinafter "Innotrack") was founded in the year of 2013 by a team of experienced IP attorneys, who have worked in the IP services community for the past several decades. Through years of development, our team now consists of experienced patent and trademark attorneys, and admirably rising stars in the field. Confidence in our work has attracted many clients to invite Innotrack IP Law Firm to accompany them on their innovation tracks.

We Connect Frontier Technology with Legal Practice

Our skills, experience, and breadth of knowledge, combined with our professional and progressive work ethic, have elevated us to the forefront of the IP industry. As Innotrack grows, we continue to garner both praise and trust from our clients.

Our clients include foreign multinational corporations, esteemed domestic corporations, research institutes, universities, private enterprises, and individuals.

We provide not only traditional technology such as machinery, electronics, chemistry, pharmaceutics, materials, but also cutting edge technology such as telecommunications, networks, bioengineering, biomedicine, computers, semiconductor circuitry.

We Value Your Creative Ideas

We have established a well-designed quality-management system and a corresponding exemplary processing system. With professional ethics, strict quality control, efficient work processes, at a reasonable charge, we provide our clients with customized IP solutions in the patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret fields. We satisfy the needs of our clients in all aspects, and make every single innovation more valuable and promising.