Why Us
Professional Team

Innotrack is a professional and conscientious team composed of experienced lawyers, patent attorneys, trademark and copyright attorneys. With exemplary drafting skills and expertise in all kinds of domestic and foreign cases, our attorneys create an international and multilingual work environment.  Our team can also translate documents from the perspective of an attorney. 

High Quality Drafting

Innotrack always pursues high quality drafting of our clients' applications and has garnered an esteemed reputation among our clients. We are absolutely aware that the drafting quality of an application determines its fate. Only when the drafting quality is guaranteed can the patent right be effectively enforced and the ideas be protected from infringement.

Fast Response Speed

We also recognize that rapid turn-around on draft production is important to our clients. Innotrack has set up a thorough time management system. This arrangement enables us to have full control of every case in each phase and to provide our clients with a quick and precise response. We will do our best to respond to clients' recommendations and provide answers to clients' questions on a timely basis.

Reliable Process Management

Innotrack has developed a successful, efficacious business process management system. Each member of our process management team uses professional software and maintains up-to-date knowledge of the requirements of all aspects of intellectual property management. Our team is capable of solving any potential problems our clients may confront and providing them with reliable and attentive services.